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Friday - September 02, 2011 - Live Weather Conditions from the Amelia Island Online Weather Station
 Fish You Can Catch At Amelia Island
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Amelia Island Fishing

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New Florida Resident Saltwater Fishing License Requirements As of August 1, 2009, Florida residents fishing from shore, bridges, jetties, or piers are required to have a saltwater fishing license. A new "Saltwater Shoreline License" will go on sale on July 15, 2009. Cost of the license is $9.00. If you have a "Annual Saltwater Fishing License", you do not need to purchase the shoreline license; either one covers shore fishing. binary options affiliate programs

Update: The license is free, effective July 1, 2010. However, anglers who obtain the license over the phone will pay a convenience fee of $3.33 to the vendor who provides the service, and those who obtain the license off the Internet will pay a $2.31 convenience fee.

For more info on FWC's web site Click HERE

Okuma CL 200C Review - A fun little conventional reel for a very reasonable price. Read the review.

Add a magnetic brake to your old Penn Squidder to get a little more distance and a few less blow ups. Read the article.

Old Penn Reels - Visit our section about Penn reels which has a few articles and a photo gallery of old Penn reels.

Amelia Island, Florida offers a host of different fishing options for both visitors and local residents. The island is located in the north east corner of Florida. Surf fishing on the beach, pier fishing from two public piers and one private pier, bridge fishing at Nassau Sound, and charters for inshore and offshore fishing from boats. Four wheel drive vehicles are allowed on a few very small areas of the beach, and at Amelia Island State Park, on the south end of the island.

FWC Sponsors Kids Fishing Clinic

FWC held a fishing clinic for kids at Fort Clinch State Park. Over four hundred kids had a chance to learn about Florida's salt water resources and try their hands at fishing at the Ft. Clinch pier. Read the complete article here.

 Amelia Island Fishing Picture

We will cover primarily Amelia Island surf fishing and pier fishing on this web site; we won't cover offshore fishing or inshore fishing in depth, because we don't do that type of fishing hence we don't know much about it. We don't catch fish every time we hit the beach. We don't profess to be experts but we have fun fishing, and we hope that what you find here will help you have fun fishing too.

If you are a visitor to Amelia Island and plan on fishing here, we'll try and provide you with some "local knowledge" - where we fish, how we fish, what we use for bait, what we catch, and the methods we use to put fish into the digital camera.

Sometimes we put a fish we catch into the cooler, but mostly we just take their picture and put them back into the water. Somebody once said that you can eat a fish only once, but you can look at a picture a million times. I don't know of anybody who already said it, so I guess I should; If you eat a fish one time, it probably won't be any other fish's Mom or Dad in the future.

I love to catch "reds" - Red Drum. Over the years, I've never kept records of the size or weight of the reds I've caught, but I've caught a few big ones, and I've seen a few other guys catch some big ones too. I release all the reds I catch, I don't keep even the slot size ones that are legal to be kept. A female Red Drum doesn't reproduce until she's over 30" long; I think it's more important that fisherman in the future have reds to catch than it is for me to have dinner one night. Reds are a beautiful fish, and big ones will give you a really good time on the end of your line. I can't remember any fish that I've ever caught that was more fun than a red.

I've also learned that "local knowledge" is very important to a fisherman; what works to catch Bluefish in the northeast U.S. may not necessarily work in Florida. Each region seems to have it's own baits, methods, and rigs even though fisherman are fishing for the same species of fish. The same applies to Florida; fishing for reds on the Gulf side of the state requires different methods and baits than fishing for the same fish on the Atlantic side of Florida. compare olymp trade

So if you're a first time visitor to Amelia Island, remember the "when in Rome" theory; try the same baits and methods we use, and pay attention to what other fisherman around you are doing when they catch fish. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with another fisherman; ask him what he's using for bait, ask him what kind of rig he's using. Most people you'll find fishing will be glad to share information and tips with you.

If you have a fishing tip or an article that you'd like to share with other Amelia Island fisherman on this web site, or you'd like to submit a picture for our gallery, please use our email form to email us and we'll tell you how to submit it.

If you are a local surf fisherman, or a visitor who plans on fishing during your visit to Amelia Island, we recommend that you also visit www.SouthernSurfFishing.Com, where you will find Florida surf fishing articles and tips, and a friendly discussion forum.


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A bad day of fishing is much better than a good day of cutting the grass.

Friday - September 02, 2011 - Live Weather Conditions from the Amelia Island Online Weather Station
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