A guide for the best fishing trip in Florida

A guide for the best fishing trip in Florida

Florida has a unique feature in the world: a paradise for fishermen in the sea or in fresh water. Given the natural conditions that this state offers, it is no wonder that over 900 world records have been recorded, far more than any other states, or other countries in the world, making Florida the "capital" undisputed world of fishing of all kinds.

Fish at sea in the Florida Keys

For those who do not have any knowledge, or knowledge of fishing in the Keys, it may be advisable to hire the services of a guide who knows the right places or to participate in sea fishing trips, organized by licensed outfitters. In any case, these fishing professionals are accustomed to neophytes and will advise you on the right equipment depending on the type of fishing, whether on the line, the troll or following classifications of their own, such as:

  •  Light Tackle Fishing, which is considered the fishing type that can catch almost all species of fish such as tarpons, cobias, dorados, sailfish, snappers, tunas, mahi-mahis, ceros and wahoo not to mention the dolphins that follow the boat.
  •  Flats, Backcountry Fishing, is a fishery that takes place along the Atlantic coasts or in the mangrove and wild and uninhabited areas of the Gulf of Mexico. There are species like tarpon, permit, bonefish, redfish, snook, sea trout, barracuda, jacks, cobia and sharks.
  •  Deep Sea, Offshore Fishing, which is practiced from five miles offshore up to 20 miles. Trolling is then recommended and it is possible to catch fish such as white marlin, blue marlin, spearfish, kingfish, dolphins, sailfish, wahoo, tuna, barracuda, cobia, group, snapper, jacks and even sharks not to mention the dolphins which follow the boat.
  •  Wreck & Reef Fishing: this fishing is done in areas where wrecks are stranded, allows to catch in particular the permit, amberjack, snapper, grouper and mackerel. In areas where there are reefs. It should be noted that it is also possible to cross cobias, barracudas and sharks.

Fishing the "Largemouth bass" in Florida

This fish is considered to be the king of lakes and rivers. Fishing for Largemouth bass and Smallmouth bass is considered as the most popular fishery in North America. It is practiced everywhere in Florida. Although the largest trophies were caught in Southern California, Florida is still the state where the highest number has been recorded. The most important, going back to an 11-year-old teenager; Mackenzie Hickox, fishing with his family near Daytona Beach on May 8, 2006, released a 16-pound specimen alive soon after he caught it.

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