What type of fish can you catch in Florida ?

What type of fish can you catch in Florida ?

What type of fish can you catch in Florida ?

Fishing is one of the commonest activities that you can do in Florida. Thousands lakes, rivers and tidal shoreline are the reasons why fishing attracts locals and visitors who stay in this USA state. With more than 900 world records, Florida has innumerable water species.

Some of fish you can catch while fishing in Florida

  •  Tarpon

Tarpon or silver king is among the most popular fish in Florida. This type of fish grows to massive size but they are rarely eaten because of the small and hard-to-clean bones that are present in their flesh. It is mainly considered as popular game fish in Florida.

The fish is able to jump so high and has the ability to do acrobatic moves on the end of a line. You can meet the silver king in almost all areas of Florida like the Atlantic coast, west coast, Everglades National Park and the Ten Thousand Islands. 

  • Sailfish

Sailfish is very beautiful and clever, well-known for its fast runs, high and acrobatic jumps. Sailfish are a rapidly growing species that can reach up to 5 feet in one year.

This kind of fish looks very attractive with the dark blue back, brownish-blue side and a very high first dorsal fin. They are used to traveling alone or in small groups. The sailfish season is depending on the weather in Florida, but the best period is between the months of November to May. That is when sailfish appear in Atlantic regions. 

  • Spotted Sea Trout

Characterized by streamlined shape, large mouth with large canine teeth, gray and silvery color and small black spots covering the top of the back, Spotted Sea Trout looks very amazing. The common place to meet this type of fish is in the shallow waters of bays and estuaries. The fish mainly feeds on shrimps and baitfish in grassy area. You can catch Spotted Sea Trout in almost all parts of Florida, in inshore waters, on shallow grassy flats and in grass from spring through fall. 

  • Red drum

Red drum or red fish is one of Florida's sport fish that anglers catch in near shore and offshore waters throughout the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic coasts. Red drum is really famous in Florida and considered as popular food fish.

They are very large with bronze or reddish color, sometimes they look pale and have several spots at base of the tail fin. They eat shrimps, crabs, pinfish and killifish as main food. Still fishing, drifting and casting are the commonest ways that anglers use to catch this kind of fish. You can meet them in grassy shorelines, on shallow flats and along shell bars of Florida.

Traveling in Florida and enjoy fishing in water areas

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